Thomas & Marker offers a variety of construction-related services tailored to each client’s needs. We can take our clients from dreams and conceptualization through design development, construction, and final occupancy. Whether the services involve comprehensive project management or tapping into our specific areas of expertise, we will work hard every step of the way to make sure the construction process is an enjoyable experience from start to finish.


Working alongside our clients during the pre-construction phase allows us to offer the greatest value to each project. Our Pre-Construction Teams work closely with our Project Teams to help clients identify value engineering solutions, schedule improvements, or potential constructability issues. We excel in pre-planning; we know that it lays the necessary foundation for a well-executed project.

  • Cost control
  • Budgeting
  • Estimating
    • Fully integrated Sage 300 / Timberline estimating system with on-screen, quality take-off
    • Detailed conceptual estimates based on a thorough understanding of the project
    • Guaranteed Maximum Prices (GMPs) provided at the appropriate stage of design
    • Solicit strong supplier and subcontractor interest and participation / Secure minority interest and participation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) / 3D modeling
    • Site logistics planning
    • MEP coordination
    • Photo-realistic renderings
    • Revit / AutoCAD / SketchUp software
  • Constructability analysis & review
  • Value engineering
  • Secure minority interest and participation

Construction / Project Management

Construction Management is at the heart of what we do as constructors. Our Project Teams consist of passionate, hard-working, and resourceful leaders, with the depth of experience to handle a broad range of projects. We rely on transparent communication, detailed reporting, and team collaboration to make sure each project results in a successful outcome. In addition, our firm uses Sage 300 enterprise software to fully integrate each component of a project, from estimating, to project management, to accounting.

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
    • Primavera P6
    • Primavera Suretrack
    • Microsoft Project
  • Self-performed work
  • Equipment & materials procurement
  • Progress reports & executive summaries
  • Project web and drone cams
  • Safety auditing
  • Change order control & management
  • Quality assurance / quality control
  • On-site supervision & coordination
  • Project close-out
    • O&M manuals
    • Warranty management
    • Client satisfaction surveys
  • LEED registration & certification

Design & Architecture

Our on-staff design professionals – including licensed architects and engineers – incorporate their architectural knowledge and determine project feasibility. Our design staff also assists with other value-added services including the following:

  • Needs assessments and feasibility studies
  • Building programming
  • Master planning
  • Site logistics planning
  • Site and building design, including conceptual design, schematic design, and design development
  • Preparation of construction documents and specifications
  • LEED certification and sustainable design
  • Building and zoning code review
  • ADA and life safety compliance
  • Constructability reviews
  • Post-occupancy reviews

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Thomas & Marker possesses in-house design and Building Information Modeling capabilities. These capabilities allow us to provide value at every step of the project’s life, including:

  • Site logistics planning
  • MEP coordination
  • Photo-realistic renderings
  • Material take-offs
  • Scheduling and project phasing
  • Value engineering alternatives
  • As-built models and documents
  • Refining and analyzing a project’s design
  • Coordinating documents and identifying conflicts early-on before they become costly to correct

These are all advanced solutions that our clients have come to expect with the rise of technology and the benefits of pre-planning. We provide all BIM deliverables as requested by our clients, and we are experienced using AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp software.


We are known for providing fair, impartial, and expert guidance. We understand that each client’s situation is unique – we ask questions and communicate openly so we can present the most innovative and effective solutions. Thomas & Marker offers a full spectrum of consulting services, including:

  • Needs assessment / programming
  • Budget development
  • Guidance on fundraising techniques
  • Constructability analysis / review
  • Schedule assessment & improvements
  • Expert testimony


Thomas & Marker is experienced within a range of delivery methods. We understand the importance of matching our services to best suit the client’s needs, and we pride ourselves in our ability to easily adapt to each client’s preferred delivery method. We demonstrate leadership and accountability regardless of the contract type. If we discover that a more effective delivery method is fitting, we will explore alternative approaches and present our recommendations. Our promise to our clients is to deliver a project that doesn’t simply meet budget and schedule requirements, but also exceeds their expectations.

With a long history of successful projects as the Construction Manager, this delivery method brings the team of professionals together early in the planning process and helps ensure the alignment of the team with the client’s goals. Working cooperatively with the client’s design professionals, early estimates based on the schematic drawings allow the team to fine tune the project details with the budget. This open-book method of sharing project details, and our collaborative approach to the selection of subcontractors, results in the assembly of the strongest, most capable, and qualified project teams.
Similar to the transparent approach of Construction Management – and with the added responsibility of design – Design-Build also brings the professional team together at the outset, while offering single party responsibility and seamless integration of construction and design. Our strong leadership and highly collaborative style lends itself perfectly to the Design-Build method. We enjoy assembling expert teams that will bring the most value to a project. Design-Build allows us to fully understand a client’s needs before emphasizing them in the project design. The resulting projects reflect increased constructability, improved schedules, and a streamlined team approach.
Thomas & Marker has deep roots in the design-bid-build, or competitive bid, project approach. We are fierce competitors with a “sharp pencil,” and an army of highly skilled and engaged tradespersons. This self-performance capability gives us a competitive edge and brings greater value to our clients. Our disciplined focus and highly methodical approach reduces our cost of construction, increases quality, and helps to ensure the work is done right the first time.
Serving as the Owner’s Representative is yet another approach to providing client support in which we are highly successful. The scope of these services can vary from limited engagement and oversight, to full oversight – including the selection of design professionals, to project completion and commissioning. We enjoy the opportunity to guide clients through the entire construction process as the Owner’s Representative. Our history as a highly respected and trusted construction firm proves invaluable when leading projects from the clients’ seat. Our value proposition to “See projects through our clients’ eyes” is never more important than when we are acting in this role. We know we have the right expertise and the right characteristics to deliver a successful outcome for all of our clients.



As the third mobile workforce in the nation to receive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) accreditation, we are committed to the philosophy that all accidents can be prevented. Thomas & Marker understands the organization and attention necessary to provide safe environments for all parties affected by our projects. Our Health & Safety Program includes initiatives and procedures that help to ensure workplace safety. All project team associates are OSHA Trained – 10 hours for our skilled tradespersons and 30 hours for our supervisors. Our commitment and discipline to our Health and Safety Program demonstrates the importance we place upon the safety of our associates and anyone else affected by our operations.

Based on our favorable claims experience, this rate is 49% lower than the industry average (1.0).
Thomas & Marker employs full-time safety personnel who communicate with all project personnel. They perform on-site safety audits and provide OSHA 10- and 30-hour training courses for all Thomas & Marker associates.
Every client has different safety requirements and each job site is unique. We utilize customized safety plans to ensure the highest levels of safety are accounted for based on the demands of each project.
Based on the SSSP, the project team assesses the job in an effort to realistically determine any potential safety hazards and threats. We take the appropriate steps to eliminate/minimize these risks. This process has proven to be a cornerstone in incident prevention.
Thomas & Marker associates are required to report any and all hazards to their supervisors immediately.
Thomas & Marker continually investigates and determines the root cause of all incidents. Management assesses trends based on each project’s safety and incident reports. Data and trend analyses are shared with project personnel, resulting in immediate corrective actions to eliminate future incidents.
Positive reinforcement is the key to maintaining our excellent safety standards. This program recognizes and rewards positive behaviors, which leads to cognizant and engaged associates.
We know that the only way to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and success is by maintaining quality at every step of the project. From pre-planning to close-out, an effective approach is futile unless it includes superior execution. We take pride in our proprietary Quality Management System, which consists of 38 key procedures. This system ensures that we are continually improving our processes based on client feedback and our own internal audits. Our associates follow these procedures on all of our projects, resulting in highly conforming work. This system leaves nothing to chance – and that’s the way we like it.

Thomas & Marker is experienced with sustainable design and LEED building practices across various markets. Our teams of LEED professionals guide projects which require LEED certification.

Regardless of a client’s decision to pursue LEED Certification or not, sustainable design and construction still results in energy and cost savings for our clients. As a leader in the industry, we believe it is our responsibility to promote building practices that support healthy and thriving future communities.

Our strong core of project superintendents and tradespeople are skilled and dedicated, working diligently to deliver successful projects for our clients that are completed on time and within budget. We self-perform much of the work other contractors have to “sub” or broker out. This eliminates a layer of fees, yielding increased project cost efficiencies. Because of the emphasis we place on training and cross-training, projects are run more efficiently from both a time and cost management perspective.

We have the capacity to self-perform the following trades:

  • General requirements and safety
  • Temporary facilities
  • Excavation
  • Selective demolition
  • Concrete – both vertical and horizontal
  • Masonry
  • Steel erection
  • Pre-engineered metal building erection
  • Metal studs, drywall, and ceiling systems
  • Wood finishes, casework, doors, and hardware installation